Monday, August 27, 2007


Your so hot right now..Ben and I went to a dress up party this weekend. Ben was a professor in a sweet baby blue suit, and you can't see it but he is wearing a walrus tie. (did I mention he actually wore it in college..Ahhhh!!)

Mr. and Mrs. Hurst

I have yet to comment on Shanna's wedding from last week. It was a small quaint wedding with close friends and family. The wedding was held at the Point. I'd never been to the Point for a wedding, it was beautiful. The views of this joint are incredible.
Shanna was breathtaking, she was literally glowing with beauty and happiness. My dear friend has been through a lot in the past year, I am so proud of her for what she has overcome to get where she is today. Cheers to Shanna and Nate!

Dog Lake

These past couple of weeks I've been taking Koda up Milcreek Canyon. It's a great hike for dogs, Koda has been in doggie heaven! Dogs aren't required to be on leashes so he gets to roam and explore as his little heart desires. He especially likes when we reach the top of the hike, when he can cool off and swim in the lake.. I love how ruffled his fur looks when its wet! This our
(I say our, but Ben likes to say His) Koda Bear, we are obsessed with him, he's become our little baby. I promise he's not spoiled nor does he sleep in the bed with me:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Threesome is Back!

I am happily awaiting tonight when I get to pick Laura up from the airport tonight and Ash comes in on Friday.. Yeahhh! She and Ashley have been living in Arizona for a month now? Our good friend Shanna Greene is getting married tomorrow to Nate Hurst, another alta hawk..Lucky!
After the airport its straight to the Roderick residence because don't worry my mom is throwing a So You Think You Can Dance Party tonight for the finale..I know, I know call me crazy but I am seriously obsessed. It's one of my guilty pleasures, along with the Stephanie Meyer trilogies..I am dreading the day when I finish Eclipse.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Thank goodness it's Friday. The week has slowly turned to the weekend. It has been a long week. I finished my last final of the semester on Tuesday, and passed with flying colors. Two weeks off of school then chemistry here I come.. Ahhh!
Ben and I are actually staying in town for the weekend, mainly because it's the outdoor retail show. We went lastnight, it's literally a dream! Ben and I had deer in the headlights look for about the first hour until we awoke to reality.To top the extreme night off of drooling over gear, we wished Nicole a happy 29th birthday over indian food at the bombay house..Yummmm..Needless to say,yesterday was a great day! Wish us luck at the outdoor show, we're trying to get hooked up with some sweet pro deals.
I am ditchin' out on work a bit early heading off to the pool to practice my kayaking rolls. (Ben is my teacher, we'll see how well it goes!)

Hope all ya'll have a great weekend..


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cruel Summer

I finally decided to get in the "blog scene" mainly to keep in touch with crazy people who decided to up and move to Arizona during the hottest part of the year.

This summer has been one of a kind. It has been the first summer in five years that I have actually been in Utah. Thank goodness it's the hottest summer ever!!! You all know how much I love being hot..
I am working full time and going to school part time.(who ever thought that would become of me?) To maintain my sanity Ben and I have become weekend warriors through taking trips on the weekends to forget we have real jobs during the week. We've been keeping rather busy with our weekend vacations and daily activities..

Also, I finally escaped the rents and moved to Sugarhouse! I know all of you never thought it would happen..
And, as if you aren't already shocked about my unforgetable summer..Ben and I adopted a dog. He's the best dog in the world..Pretty sure Ben loves Koda more than me these days! Laura Campbell is the biological mother, we are now the adoptive parents. That is one good thing that came from Laura leaving me for Arizona..ha ha, love you!

I'll keep ya'll posted on the latest. I am new to the situation, so bear with me!

Murtaugh section of the Snake River.

Jackson Hole..

Bear Lake before the couple moved to AZ!

Summer Fun!

Sushi is Delicious!