Friday, October 31, 2008

Long Time Gone

I am alive and well(hanging in there most days). Life has been chaotic the past couple of months, here's a bit of things I have been doing and thinking lately..

Many trips back and forth to SLC to visit my grandpa in his last days(will blog more about that later)

Moving out of employee housing into a new condo in jackson with two fun girls from Georgia

Feeling the pressure of the economic crisis within my job and wallet,

Attending high school musical premieres to support my famous movie star sis!!

Thinking of fun Christmas presents I can make instead of purchasing gifts

Learning how to use my new sewing machine

Mourning the resignation of my favorite boss

When visiting SLC, I wondered how I ever found time to have a job? :)

Figuring out ways to stay active in the rapidly approaching winter!!

Thinking about purchasing skate skis? Looks really fun and good for you..

Trying to carry on with life in the midst of the loss of a loved one

How did EVERYONE get engaged at the same time? Congrats Laura, Rachel and Ashley.