Monday, January 10, 2011

new year, new vaca

Guess where we're going?

After much convincing we finally booked our tickets to peru. It's a honeymoon/anniversary trip. we went to moab on our honeymoon with the idea of saving money for peru. Were going in April for 2 weeks! Can't wait!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wedding Ceremony Video

Above is the link to the video of our wedding ceremony. Reception to follow, as well as pics.

For some reason couldn't copy and paste the embedment, so result to the link above.

*If you can't view the video you may have to enable to HD feature.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Before pics

Our kitchen post Demo!

I decided to document our hard work of remodeling our house (mostly Ben's hard work and my expensive taste:)) Let's begin with the kitchen.

The old kitchen was in great condition which made for an easy demolition. Ben tore out all of the cabinets and appliance and had everything sold on KSL within hours. Once everything was stripped to the studs we began re-redesigning the layout of the kitchen. We extended the island, changed the location of all the appliances except the sink and fridge, shorted the length of a wall and reduced the width of the pantry cabinets to make room for bar seating on the island.

The layout re-design was the easy part. The hardest part was making decisions on paint, cabinets, countertops and appliances! I dont' recommend re-modeling a house and getting married all at the same time. It took us many Saturdays and "visual" representations to make a decision. If you are in the market of remodeling, call me for referrals.

Stay tuned for the new and improved version of our kitchen!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

My new love....

Here she is!! We welcome my 2010 Specialized Stumpjumper fsr comp mountain bike to the Wheat family. I can thank the Blackburn's for graciously getting me addicted to mtn biking. My bro in laws ghetto bike just wasn't cuttin' it for me. I tested her out this weekend in Jhole and it was like floating on a magic carpet ride:) I love her. Can't wait for more rides this season!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm alive, and married

It seems the title of mostly ALL my posts are related to me not keeping up in the blogging world. Seems regular for me to post every couple of months? Well here's an update on the past couple of months..
Ben and I finally got hitched on May 22nd, and everything was fabulous! As cliche' as it sounds it really was one of the best days.
Followed by the wedding we were off to Moab for hiking, biking and camping. We stayed in an RV park with our trailer and pup in tow(we dont' normally stay at RV parks but I insisted we have full hook-ups at least for the honeymoon) We felt like the young old couple chillin' with all the reitree's. It was way too short but a nice relaxing weekend.
Post honeymoon we've been settling into our new house in CWood Heights. It's starting to feel like home minus the giant empty family room. Anyone have good ideas for cheaper furniture that isn't RC willey's? I applied to work at Pottery Barn this week in a desperate attempt to furnish our house :)
I've been trying to find motivation to get back into the swing of real life post wedding. I for some reason have been obsessed with cooking and NOT working out. Damn all the fun kitchen gadgets from the wedding. I'm blaming all my post wedding gain on my new kitchen appliances, specifically my icecream maker!! Making yogurt/icecream has become my new obsession.

We planted our first garden this summer. I have already re-planted my tomatoes and am considering uprooting them again? They are seriously struggling and I feel completely helpless. I am realizing gardening is seriously a skill, and takes time and patience. Maybe I should reconsider taking up gardening as a hobby! We've planted a lot of fun things, but I'm seriously terrified for when it starts growing:) come on over for fresh veggies during the harvest(if my stuff grows!!)
When we get a new camera, I'll actually post some pics. Yes, I have lost now my third camera? actually it's ben's camera and it's a sore subject. I'm pretty much off limits to any camera.

I am on count down mode until July 4th weekend. We're off to Stanley, Idaho for a long weekend of fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alright already!

Okay, okay.. I've been super lame at this whole blogging thing lately. I was about ready to quit altogether:) There have been some major events that have taken place since my last post, what 3 months ago? well needless to say if you don't already know Ben and I are finally gettin' hitched! He proposed the weekend before Thanksgiving. The story is amazing! he actually faked a robbery to pop the question. I knew he'd had the ring for a couple of months so the suspense was killin' me. He figured he couldn't do anything romatic or I'd totally be on to him. So instead he decided to scare me into thinking we were robbed! good times.
Planning the wedding has been on the brain since the proposal weekend until we recently sold Ben's house and went under contract with our future home in cottonwood heights. We don't move into our new house until March 15th which means Ben and I are crashing with the rents until March 15th:)) Needless to say wedding planning have been on the back burner and remodeling a kitchen is on the brain! It's been more stressful than planning the wedding!
Oh and I just found out my sis is going to be dancing during the opening act for the Oscars! what?? she's so awesome:) she recently started her own blog

Ben and I are jettin' off to Jhole to shred the gnar! maybe I'll be better at bloggin, maybe I won't? haha.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PLEASE buy our house!! (our meaning Ben's)

Ben is trying to sell his house! We are ready to ditch the bachelor pad and get a place of our own. If you know of ANYONE who is looking for a twin home in the nice holladay area please, please spread the word. You can see more pics of the house below..