Friday, April 18, 2008

Still mourning

I haven't been blogging primarily due to the loss of my camera. I keep thinking I'll find it and be able to post my most recent pictures. Yes, I am in denile about losing my camera.
We had a fabulous weekend in Park City, which resulted in the loss of my camera. We watched the pond skimming at the canyons (for those of you who have never seen this act, it's amazing) they build a little pond at the end of the ski hill and the goal is to skim across the pond without falling in the water. Not to mention these people are dressed in ridiculous costumes..You can imagine the amazing pictures I am mourning over.
Soon after the pond skimming we decided it would be a great idea to sneak on the ski lift (mind you none of us had ski's) and sled down the run on garbage bags. I tell ya, end of the season parties make you do crazy things:) I've never been more sore in my life! (more fun video footage lost)

I am in search of a new camera. My previous camera was the waterproof pentax. Does anyone have recommendations for a new camera??