Friday, January 11, 2008


I was beginning to think my blogging days were over. My blogging usually takes place on the job, but considering work has been rathar busy I haven't had much time these days. I can't even begin to give ya'll an upadte on the latest because so much has happened. I'll start with a list of events over the past couple of months..

1.Getting a new Car! For those of you who know me, I've always driven beaters..I am not complaining about driving beaters because my first car that cost $1000 bones has always been my favorite. 1988 Acura legend, my fav! Lots of memories in the legend..My personal favorite is when I hit a skunk. I am telling you, my car never smelled the same and the neighbors said they could always smell me driving up the street!! I think I smelled like a skunk for months:)

2.Camping outside circuit city Sunday morning at 6am to get Ben a nintendoo wii for Christmas. Now I am not a gamer, but the wii is amazing! My new fav is Rock Band. You need to play it, it's the closest I have come to feeling like a rock star.

3.Skiing with Koda. On Sundays we've been taking Koda backcountry skiing with us in the Uintas. (where I want to live someday) He's obsessed with the snow!

4.Laura and Ashley being in town. It was nice to finally have them back. Hopefully sooner than later I'll see them. Spring Break 2008 here we come!

5.Family. Of course, family and friends are essential during the holidays.

6. Ben being home during Christmas. This is the first Christmas he's been in Utah since his family moved to Florida 7 years ago. It was nice to have him here with my family.

7.Thoughtful gifts. I love recieving gifts that come from the heart. This year every gift was thoughtful and meaningful too me.

8.Park City. After Christmas I rented our family condo in park city and camped up there until after New Years. It was a vacation away from the city. I was surrounded by great company and fabulous snow!

9.Utah. I love our state. Winter is one of my favorite seasons of the year..

10.Not having school! I realize it is my choice to take more classes, but it was so nice not having class after work..

(Pics to come) I hope everyone has had a great past couple of months. I'll catch up on the latest by creepin' on all your bloggin'