Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is seriously wrong!!

After reading MSNBC that the Duggars are expecting thier 19th child, yep that's right 19th child it made me through up a bit in my mouth! I've been disgusted all day that these peeps are going to have 19 children! I know I'm not a mother, but can you physically, mentally, emotionally and financially give the proper care to 19 children??

Mama Wheat in Town

Ben's mom was in town for a whole week! We had a great time, sure wish she lived in SLC:(
We dragged mama wheat up to wasatch state park to camp in the cub. (ben and his family grew up camping at wasatch state park for a couple of weeks a summer) It was nice taking her down memory lane, and not to mention show off the trailer!

1-Me discovering the cub's AC! It was pretty hard for me to leave the trailer with the cranking AC.
2-An unsuccessful attempt to have a fun filled day at Jordanelle
3-BW's Bday! and his lovely phrase ALL weekend "It's my birthday weekend" this was his phrase to have everything his way. (not my idea of fun)
4-Pete and Tim, enough said..I've never laughed soo hard! It's really like hanging out with immature teenagers, but highly entertaining.
5-My amazement at how momma wheat loves her miller lite:)
6-REI lounge chairs.
7-Grandma backing up the big dodge while grandpa smokes a cig guiding her in.
8-People watching, people watching!
9-Seeing mama wheat ride a bike for the first time in what she claims 20 years!
10-Seeing Pete ride a bike and calling the night short due to exhaustion from riding 2 miles.
11-Big dinner at the Harry's with the combined families! ahhhh.

It was a great weekend. Pics to come.