Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alright already!

Okay, okay.. I've been super lame at this whole blogging thing lately. I was about ready to quit altogether:) There have been some major events that have taken place since my last post, what 3 months ago? well needless to say if you don't already know Ben and I are finally gettin' hitched! He proposed the weekend before Thanksgiving. The story is amazing! he actually faked a robbery to pop the question. I knew he'd had the ring for a couple of months so the suspense was killin' me. He figured he couldn't do anything romatic or I'd totally be on to him. So instead he decided to scare me into thinking we were robbed! good times.
Planning the wedding has been on the brain since the proposal weekend until we recently sold Ben's house and went under contract with our future home in cottonwood heights. We don't move into our new house until March 15th which means Ben and I are crashing with the rents until March 15th:)) Needless to say wedding planning have been on the back burner and remodeling a kitchen is on the brain! It's been more stressful than planning the wedding!
Oh and I just found out my sis is going to be dancing during the opening act for the Oscars! what?? she's so awesome:) she recently started her own blog

Ben and I are jettin' off to Jhole to shred the gnar! maybe I'll be better at bloggin, maybe I won't? haha.