Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm alive, and married

It seems the title of mostly ALL my posts are related to me not keeping up in the blogging world. Seems regular for me to post every couple of months? Well here's an update on the past couple of months..
Ben and I finally got hitched on May 22nd, and everything was fabulous! As cliche' as it sounds it really was one of the best days.
Followed by the wedding we were off to Moab for hiking, biking and camping. We stayed in an RV park with our trailer and pup in tow(we dont' normally stay at RV parks but I insisted we have full hook-ups at least for the honeymoon) We felt like the young old couple chillin' with all the reitree's. It was way too short but a nice relaxing weekend.
Post honeymoon we've been settling into our new house in CWood Heights. It's starting to feel like home minus the giant empty family room. Anyone have good ideas for cheaper furniture that isn't RC willey's? I applied to work at Pottery Barn this week in a desperate attempt to furnish our house :)
I've been trying to find motivation to get back into the swing of real life post wedding. I for some reason have been obsessed with cooking and NOT working out. Damn all the fun kitchen gadgets from the wedding. I'm blaming all my post wedding gain on my new kitchen appliances, specifically my icecream maker!! Making yogurt/icecream has become my new obsession.

We planted our first garden this summer. I have already re-planted my tomatoes and am considering uprooting them again? They are seriously struggling and I feel completely helpless. I am realizing gardening is seriously a skill, and takes time and patience. Maybe I should reconsider taking up gardening as a hobby! We've planted a lot of fun things, but I'm seriously terrified for when it starts growing:) come on over for fresh veggies during the harvest(if my stuff grows!!)
When we get a new camera, I'll actually post some pics. Yes, I have lost now my third camera? actually it's ben's camera and it's a sore subject. I'm pretty much off limits to any camera.

I am on count down mode until July 4th weekend. We're off to Stanley, Idaho for a long weekend of fun!