Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Year Mark (mostly for Jill)

Found this poem here which is a great gift idea. (Jill- I think we should get one for all the kids for the year mark) It was written by a son who lost his father to cancer.
Cancer just sucks..

If my Father were here
He’d show us this
That true love is found
In a family kiss

That a hug must come freely
That a smile leaves a mark
That a quarrel long forgotten
Must remain in the dark

If he were here with us now
He would teach us by deed
How to give oft in silence
To those so in need

How to walk through life proudly
With our heads pointed high
Hold regret a mere moment
And then let it pass by

If my Father were here
On this sad and gray day
He would give us “that look”
Then know just what to say

He would smile at us brightly
Make us laugh on a dime
Tell us just what will heal us
Family… and time

But wait, he is with us
He will always be with us

Though his body will rest
In a safe space below
He’ll continue to guide us
And he wants us to know

That although he is absent
He’ll continue his love
And he’ll visit us daily
From his home up above
And we’ll see him again, but until we do, Let us honor his memory
Let us treasure his memory.
Let us never forget that the only things

which mattered to him, were not actually things
But instead, the souls of those
of us here today, and those in his heart, which are not.