Friday, June 27, 2008

Greetings from Jackson

I have officially been in Jackson for 12 days. My life has been nothing less than a whirl wind the past couple of weeks. I couldn't have made the move without bringing my maid Rosarita. Rosarita, aka Christee Roderick did EVERYTHING for me. Among her countless trips to Kmart my mom was my saving grace for the week. While I was at work, Rosarita was slaving away the apartment scrubbing the place from top to bottom. I would still be unpacking as we speak if it wasn't for my favorite maid! Thanks for your hard work mom, you know I couldn't have made the move without you.

Beyond work and unpacking, this week I finally got to enjoy myself and experience Jackson life. My roommate is from Georgia who has lived in Jackson for 2 years. I've begged her to take me on a new hike each day so I can become familiar with all the hot spots. I'll be the best host for all ya'll who plan on visiting.

Things are slowly becoming a reality. Summers in Jackson are priceless.

I'll give more details later..

Lots of mountains to see and rivers to raft.