Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PLEASE buy our house!! (our meaning Ben's)

Ben is trying to sell his house! We are ready to ditch the bachelor pad and get a place of our own. If you know of ANYONE who is looking for a twin home in the nice holladay area please, please spread the word. You can see more pics of the house below..


Amber P said...

I hope you guys sell it soon- and move even closer to us!

Jill said...

Maybe it's time for a new blog post. Here are some ideas:

1. How I was buglarized and ended up with bling.
2. How stinkin cute my two littlest nephews are.
3. How I found the dress of my dreams.
4. How awesome my aunt is....ha ha

Ashley Blackburn said...

Update your freaking blog already!!!!

Ashley Blackburn said...

I agree with Jill!!! C'mon Car!